Episode 151 – How To SOAR in Life – ZORO the Drummer

Episode 151 – Interview with ZORO pt 1

Today, I have the extreme privilege of bringing you someone who has been in the music and entertainment business – and can give us some perspective on the Spiritual side of that business. He is also a believer and that has brought him before some of the influential powers that be…the FAVOR of God is upon him and I am blessed to introduce – ZORO the Drummer, ZORO the speaker, ZORO the author…folks, help me welcome to the program…ZORO!

Now, Zoro and I have been talking back and forth for several months…I am blessed to say that we have stuck up a mutual friendship over that time…Zoro, I want to tell everyone just a little bit of your background…just as an introduction…is that OK?

Folks, Zoro is, first and foremost, a Christian. He is one of the world’s greatest drummers…in fact, he has played the drums for famous musicians such as Linny Cravits, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valley, New Edition, Earth Wind and Fire, Lisa Marie Presley and many others…

But he is an inspiration to many…he has worked with these different artists and yet, he works with business leaders, youth groups, speaks in churches, speaks in various meetings all around the world.

Can you fill in the blanks for us…who is ZORO?

You came from a one parent home, correct? How life during that time of your life?

How did you get started in playing drums?

What was your “big break” when you were introduced to the “upper level” of the music industry?

Let’s talk about Faith…

When and how did you come to the point of giving your life to Jesus?

How did you decide to continue playing the drums while being a witness for Jesus?

I worked with someone who played the saxophone for Jesus, Vernard Johnson, for two years, organizing his concerts all over this nation…so I understand the interaction of using music to serve Jesus…using the music to draw people in…so you can impart to them what Faith in Jesus is all about…

How do you accomplish that balance between “living the dream” and “living for Jesus?”

Tell the story about you going to Beverly Hills high school…I love this story by the way…

A lot of artists that have “made it” (so to speak), are unapproachable, won’t give most people the time of day…then others focus on “giving their Faith away.” Can you tell us the one artist that you seen doing this and how that impacted you?

Tell me about your hat…

Your books are available on Amazon, correct? As well as your website?

Now, you will be coming to the Baltimore area at the end of October for a Youth Rally… I want to tell you, the pastors of this area are really excited about this event. It is lining up to be a great evening.

October 28, 2017 at the Eastern Assembly of God in Dundalk, Maryland…for those listening in the Baltimore area, it is on Wise Avenue in Dundalk – for those outside of Baltimore, it is just northeast of Baltimore city.

If someone wants to get ahold of you, maybe to book you or just to contact you…how can they do that?


Website: https://zorothedrummer.com

Email: https://zorothedrummer.com/contact/

“SOAR” book: http://amzn.to/2xTw8Pu

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