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Episode 423 – Embracing Death and Finding Life – Mark Marsland pt 2

Embracing Death and Finding Life – Mark Marsland Interview


Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast!

Now, let me ask you a very serious question.  Have you ever put on a face in public? A face you are presenting to the world, but that you know is not the real you?  Are you hiding behind a façade that is showing everyone that life is great? But inside you are torn up, depressed, guilty, and you do not want anyone to know?

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you someone who has lived what you are going through. Someone who had to face those very same feelings. Someone who has overcome these things and is now in the business of helping others, just like yourself, to cope and come to grips with these feelings and to overcome them as well.

Mark Marsland, hailing from Great Britain, is on the line with us today. Mark was a man who hid behind that kind of mask for years. Anyone looking from the outside in on his life would have thought he had it all. He had a successful business, the nice car, the big house. He was successful in sports and other areas of his life…

But on the inside – he was absolutely miserable.  His story is one that will, hopefully, inspire you to not give up but to make the changes necessary to overcome.

Mark has written a book called “Dying to be Happy – Embracing Death & Finding Life.” This book is for those that are basically crippled by anxiety and depression. It is available on Amazon and his website and we are going to be talking about that today as well. Plus some of the services he offers to help you in the areas we just talked about.

Help me welcome to the program, Mark Marsland!  Mark, thank you for taking the time to join us today!

Mark, before we get into your story, well, let’s do this. The first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief intro I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Mark Marsland?”

That’s fascinating…and I know this is going to a very impactful interview and pray that someone somewhere needs to hear what you are going to say today. Amen.

Now, let’s start with your book, “Dying to be Happy – Embracing Death & Finding Life.” Tell us why you felt it was necessary to write that book and why you chose that title?

How does this book give us a reflection of what you went through in your life?

Your background, you mentioned sports. What sport did you play?  Was that part of the success your bio mentions, the big house, the nice car, etc?

The book is written about anxiety and depression. How do you help people, in your book, in coping and conquering those areas?

I just learned that we are a lot more alike than most people I talk with.

What type of techniques do you go over in the book that can help someone?

Did you have to get any special schooling or credentials to do the things you are doing to help people?

Now, on your website, you have a section on “Hypnotherapy.”  Tell us what that is all about?

I’m hesitant on this next question because I don’t want to dissuade anyone from trying this if it will be beneficial…but how does what you do in hypnotherapy compare to people who go under hypnosis and are told to do weird things. You know, “quack like a duck” every time a horn blows, or whatever???

I was thinking about trying that technique to help in what I was going through, way back when, but was a little concerned about just “releasing” my inner psyche to something like that. How do you alleviate fears of people that have those same concerns?

You also offer Sports coaching and life coaching.  Tell us about that…

You also do some motivational speaking. I know you present for Ehthan Maull “Up Yours” to Cancer Foundation. Tell us about this organization and how you help them…

Do you present to businesses? Medical conventions?

Mark, if someone wanted more information or wanted to get in touch with you…perhaps to ask you to come and speak or perhaps to do an interview such as this… how can they get in touch with you?

I’ll put all of that information in the show notes…

Mark, thank you for taking the time to join us today. I know you are very busy and I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to join us – even with the big time difference from the United States to Great Britain.

Folks, that is all the time we have for today. I want to encourage you to get in touch with Mark Marsland. Let him help you to overcome those fierce enemies, anxiety and depression. Allow him to help you to get back the control over your life. Allow him to help you to become an overcomer! Amen. At a minimum, you need to order his book! This book is going to inspire you back to the road of true self awareness. Back to the road of becoming an overcomer. Back to the road of appreciating life and all of the relationships you have. You NEED this book! Go to the links in the show notes and click there, it will take you to Amazon where you can order it. Or go to Amazon yourself and type in “Dying to be Happy – Embracing Death & Finding Life.” by Mark Marsland and then order it that way. Either way – GET THE BOOK!  Amen!

For Mark Marsland and myself, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!





Book on Amazon: “Dying To Be Happy: Embracing Death Finding Life”


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