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Feeling Loved – Marnie Swedberg pt 2

Feeling Loved

Marnie Swedberg pt 2

Do you feel loved by God every moment of every day? Do you feel like God hears your prayers, cares about your concerns and comes to your rescue?

Well, my guest today is going to explain how all of that – and more – is possible with the limited time that you do have in the hectic schedules that this day and time we call “life.”

This is part two of an amazing interview with Marnie Swedberg. She is the author of 13 books, a leadership mentor to over 15,000 leaders from 35 countries, providing a “God centric focus” with practical help and coaching. She is also the host of the #1 ranked and featured Blog Talk Radio program, “Marnie’s Friends Talk Radio: Perspective Transformation.”  She is also the founder and director of “Bible Study Expo” and “Woman” (the largest online directory of its kind in the world).

Today, we will be discussing her book, “Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have.”

You discuss the six types of prayers we should be praying, but you also frame as “breathing the air of prayer.” Can you explain that phrase for us and a few of the types of prayers you are talking about?

Is it true you included a personality test in this book as well?

When someone reads your book, what is the first thing they should do? Take the personality test first?

How can someone obtain a copy of your book? Is it on Amazon?

Tell us about “”  What made you form this specific speaker site?

And tell us about your podcast. How long have you been hosting  “Marnie’s Friends: Perspective Transformation?”

How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, not only do you need to order a copy of Marnie’s book, “Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have.” – but you also need to go to her website and check out all of the outstanding services and resources she has there. I’ve put the links down below in the show notes.

Go into the show notes and click the links. Order her books. Check out the radio program. If you are an event planner or ministry leader, check out the “”  This website will put you in touch with someone that has been vetted and is ready to bring the Word of God perspective to whatever event you are planning. Amen!




Book:  “Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have.” – on Amazon

Christian Women Speakers:

Marnie’s Radio Program:

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