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Highly Successful and Running for President – Antonio T. Smith, Jr. pt 2

Highly Successful and Running for President

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. Interview


Today, I have a very special guest for you.  Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is – how can I say this and communicate the awesomeness of how great God is?  Antonio Smith, started off his young childhood by being placed in Child Protective Services at age six. He failed fifth grade and sixth grade. In high school, he was mentored by someone who seen his potential. I’m not going to get into the story, I’ll him share it – but it is a God Inspiring, awesome testimony. To go from humble beginnings to what he does today.

Today, he runs an organization, The Antonio T. Smith Jr. Company, that specializes in connecting those who are separated from the church – back to the church. He also helps them to experience financial freedom. He also helps folks to develop high self esteem. He also helps people in personal development. He is able to help YOU, if you will let him.

I am so blessed to have Antonio on the program today so, help me welcome to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast, Antonio Smith, Jr.  Antonio, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us today?

Now, for those that did not hear our interview when you were on the podcast back in January, tell us, in your own words, “Who is Antonio T. Smith, Jr.?”  (Listen to episodes 432, 433, 434).

You are also the founding pastor of a church in Texas. Tell us about your church a little bit.

Now, for the big news. President of the United States!  Your website says you are running to help the 97% of Americans still living in poverty. Why is this so important to you that you are putting your hat into the ring and campaigning for President?

The 97% of Americans living in poverty. Where do you get those statistics from?

What made you decide this was something you wanted to seek?  And why NOW?

In your opinion, what is the real problem with America?

As a pastor, as a Christian, are you going to stick to Biblical values and morality, like marriage is between a man and a woman?

What about Pro-Life and protecting the Unborn?

Mandatory minimum wage legislation?

Taxes.  Big government takes big money. How will you control out of control government spending, the budget deficit and the national debt?

How can someone donate to your campaign?

How can someone get in touch with your campaign, maybe to find out where you will be speaking at or maybe to help you by inviting you to come out and speak?

Antonio, I wish you God’s Blessings upon your efforts. You’re like “David among the Goliath’s” out there campaigning right now.  But with our God, “All things are possible to him who believes!”






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