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How to 10X Your Life and Business with Jesus Christ – Carlos Rosales pt 1

How To 10X Your Life and Business with Jesus Christ – Carlos Rosales pt 1

Everyone wants more. More time. More money. More success. But how many want MORE OF CHRIST?  That should be a priority in the life of every Christian. But, other than reading your Bible or attending a conference every now and then, most Christians just plug along like everyone else. 

Sometimes, we need someone that will motivate us and hold us accountable. To each other and, most of all, to Jesus! Amen!

My guest today started doing just that. He authored a book titled, “10x for Christ: Discovering Your 10x Lifestyle in Jesus Christ.” Carlos Rosales has been in business for 35 years. Ten years ago, he launched FocalPoint Coaching in the Greater Houston, Texas area. He helps business leaders across all genres to grow and develop while integrating Faith into their business. 

Carlos also is the Chair of the Houston “Convene” program. Through “Convene,” he engages business owners and CEO’s in a team environment to profitably grow their businesses and increase their leadership impact using peer to peer collaboration and one on one coaching.

He is here today to help us 10X our life for Jesus! Amen!  Help me welcome to the program, Carlos Rosales.  Carlos, thank you for joining us today!

The first question I always ask is this. Other than that short bio I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Carlos Rosales?”

I’m going to get into your book in a moment. But I think it is important for our listeners to understand the background for the book. And I believe that background includes how you became the Chair for the greater Houston area for “Convene.”  First, tell us what “Convene” is and how it helps business owners and CEO’s.

And how did you become the Chair for the organization in Houston? That’s a pretty big area.

How can a business owner, entrepreneur or CEO use your training to grow their business, network with other like-minded believers and serve the Lord in the position of influence He has placed them in?

What takes place in your meetings so that it does not become a preaching service?

There are some unscrupulous business leaders who think it is all about the bottom line. That is an important part of running a business, no doubt about that. But you take it to an entirely different level by focusing on “serving.” Serving clients, yes, but also serving other business owners in the process, networking, etc. How did you grow into this facet of ministry?

Let’s talk about your book, “10x for Christ: Discovering Your 10x Lifestyle in Jesus Christ.” What motivated you to write your book, “10X for Christ?”

And it is based on the Daniel and his 3 friends in the Bible, correct?

And this is a one year, 52 week devotional, correct?

What makes this devotional different from others devotionals that are out there?

What are the five main points which you bring out in your book. Points that will help you to living a 10x life for Christ? Can you explain what those are?

Foundation – where are you right now

East to West – the first ten weeks

Masterpiece – the second ten weeks

Abundance – the third ten weeks 

Folks, Carlos is an experienced business coach who takes his services to a whole new level – in Christ! Amen. His insight into scripture and business provide YOU a unique opportunity to grow Spiritually while also growing your business. Whether you are running a non-profit, a traditional business, speaking business, etc., Carlos can help you to grow. 

Use the links down below to get in touch with Carlos. Talk with him and see if he can help you to “10X” your life in Christ as well.




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