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How To Survive 911 Emergencies – Nancy May pt 2

How to Survive 911 Emergencies

Nancy May pt 2

“9-1-1, What’s your emergency?”  Those are the first words most people will hear when the pick up the phone to call for emergency help. Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance… The dispatcher asks that question so he or she knows how to route the call for the fastest response.

But, what if you are caring for another person? What if it is your responsibility to provide care for an elderly parent or family member? Someone whose disabled our unable to care for themselves?  What if they do not want you to call 9-1-1?

We are going to hear from my guest today, co-author of the book, “How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies: Step-By-Step Before, During and After!” This interview you are about to hear could, literally, save your life or the life of someone you love.

Nancy May has spent her career working with CEOs, Boards of Directors, and senior leaders in the public and private sectors. These experiences have given her the strength and the foundation to step in and provide her parents with guidance and support as they aged and needed assistance. She credits her father, who was an entrepreneur and innovator in eyewear design, and her mother, for encouraging and preparing her to acquire the many skills needed to start and lead several successful businesses. She has transitioned these competencies and life lessons to into her new business, CareManity, LLC, which focuses on providing family caregivers proven, structured ways to obtain practical knowledge and access much-needed support.

Nancy was on our podcast a little over a year or so ago as we talked about “Building Your Board of Directors” and you can go back to the archives and listen to Episodes 450 and 451 for more information on that.

If you missed any of the prior episode (789), you need to go back and listen to that one! Nancy covered a lot of very important information and we do not have the time repeat it all again in this episode!

You recently experienced the effects of a hurricane and you were without power for many days. What should a person do if the 9-1-1 phone system goes down in a situation like that?

I have heard of some people that were hooked up to oxygen tanks, etc. at home and the power goes out and they have died. Do in home systems like that have battery back-up systems?

Let’s shift gears slightly. What if the person you are caring for is taken to the hospital, but the hospital has a policy that you cannot stay. “Just “drop them off” and go home and wait for us to call you?”  You provide some tips on this in your book, correct?

You also talk about how to assist the first responders and help them while they are there, in  home, correct?

What if you are not living with the person who needs help. For example, they are independent and have been able to care for themselves. My kids live about 5 miles or so from me, as an example. If someone was in a situation like that and, let’s use your situation of the hurricane blowing through and the roads are not passible for a few days afterward. And you get a phone call from the loved one saying “they don’t feel well.” What should you do? How can you get the first responders to the persons home and get them inside to render aid?



Book:  “How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies: Step-By-Step Before, During and After!”

Find out if your area supports 911 Texting in Emergencies:

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