Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team – Dr. Candy Campbell pt 3

Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team

Dr. Candy Campbell pt 3

Dr. Candace Campbell is a multifaceted person in just about every way you can think of. She is a career nurse with so many designations after her name, I could not even begin to explain them. She is as author, a producer of documentary films and an improv actor with some pretty intriguing, one person shows that she mainly uses in key note presentations at health care conferences. And in one of them, she portrays, probably the most famous nurse ever – Florence Nightingale. And we definitely will be talking about that.

We had the blessing of having Candy in the program last year as we discussed her book, “Improv to Improve Healthcare: A System for Creative Problem Solving.”

Now, she is releasing a new book titled, “Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team.” This book will be released in April of 2023.

This episode is part three and the conclusion of a great three part interview!

(At the time this interview is being published, Candy is appearing as “Florence Nightingale” in a solo act, off broadway production!  If you are in the NYC area during this time, use the link below to order your tickets)!

In your book, I believe it was the first section or near the first section, you talked about “Risk being imperfect.”  That is something I have seen many leaders avoid at all costs. They believe if they are not “perfect” that will somehow make them seem weak and ineffective. What do you share about that from your book?

Another section you have is “Silence the inner Editor.” Can you share what you mean by that phrase?

I love your next section…  “Avoid ‘Yes or No’ Questions.”   Can you share why that is so important in management?

The section, “Treat others like you want to be treated,” just goes back to the “Golden Rule” from the Bible. It’s amazing how accurate Biblical principles can be applied across all aspects of life.

Candy, your book, “Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team,” will be released in April of 2023.  Are you taking pre-orders yet?

If someone wanted to reach out to you, order your books, etc. How can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes.

Folks, as you can see, when you start looking at managing your company from a perspective of “Improv,” not comedy per se, but just deal with the situations as they arise and, handle the issues and have fun doing it – your business can’t help but to grow. Your employees will love their work environment more and you will see less turnover. That means – EVERYONE WINS! Amen!

I urge you to drop down into the show notes below and reach out to Dr. Candice Campbell. Go and visit her website. You will be amazed at the things she has on there to help YOU. She helps YOU to grow. Praise God. Be sure to order her new book, “Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team.”






Book:  “Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team” – on Amazon

Book:  “Improv to Improve Healthcare: A System for Creative Problem Solving” – on Amazon

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