In God’s Image – Dr Richard Ruhling pt 2

In God’s Image

Dr. Richard Ruhling pt 2

Christopher Columbus, who has been traced to have a Jewish heritage, was fleeing Jewish persecution when he arrived in Spain. There has been some tracing of his crew to have almost, not exclusively, but almost a completely Jewish crew!

They were fleeing persecution from the Catholic Church at that time. Which resulted in the discovery of the New World and America. Amen!

Fast forward a few centuries and we see the Pilgrims fleeing persecution from the King of England. Which resulted in them fleeing to America.

They were fleeing for one reason – freedom to worship God in the way they choose.

This contradicted the Catholic Church, the authority of the Pope and all of the Catholic church doctrines and teachings…

Our guest today is going to discuss these differences and continuing persecution of Christians, and what the true believers should be doing in this day and hour in preparation for the soon return of Jesus. Amen!

Dr. Richard Ruhling is back today to share information that a lot of churches refuse to acknowledge, let alone discuss. It may stir up too many fires and they are not prepared for the backlash.

But, you know Pastor Bob – I thrive on sharing the TRUTH of the Bible and if I’m stepping on toes, my response is “don’t put your toes out where they can get stomped on!” Amen!

I know the King James version of the Bible is NOT the best translation of scripture. I also know the Catholic version is very, very different from the Bible which Evangelical Christians read (various translations).

Let me see if I understand this correctly…

In the beginning, God created everything and then created man. Man is created IN THE IMAGE of God – so man would have all both, the masculine and feminine personalities of God.

Then, when God removed Adam’s rib and formed Eve, He actually took the Feminine personality from Adam and gave it to Eve.  This would mean that, in order to complete each other, a man and woman must find their “soulmate” that completes them.

That would explain the physical man… but what about the Spiritual man? Once we are born again, we have Christ dwelling in us.  Would the next step then be, what has been called, the “infilling of the Holy Spirit?”

Would that be the feminine Godhead coming to dwell in us as well?

What about the issue of Christ is supposed to “marry” The Holy Spirit at the wedding feast in Heaven?

You referenced the May 1948 date where the U.N. “gave” Israel the land. Recently, there was a resolution passed where they said that was a “mistake” and are urging Israel to “give the land back” to the Muslims.

Ramadan is still going on during the time of this recording, and Dr. Ruhling thinks after Ramadan is over – we are going to see some big events unfold in Jerusalem and Israel.

That means, at the time of the publication of this episode, we could be looking at “end time events” in real time!

Dr. Ruhling, this has been so interesting, once again. Amen

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question, etc., how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes below.

Folks, Dr. Ruhling has been sharing some Biblical Truth’s with us that should be stirring something inside of you right now. You may have more questions at this point than answers. Amen!  That’s OK. We are doing this to expose things to you that SHOULD generate some questions.

We don’t have all the answers. But we know who does!  And we refer you to His Word! Amen!  Take your question to God and then get into the Word and see if what the Bible has to say about what Dr. Ruhling has been sharing today. Amen!

The Bible will not lie.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all Truth. Amen!




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