Mission to Help the Vets – Jane Babcock pt 1

A Mission to Help the Vets

Jane Babcock pt 1

These last few years, there has been an increase awareness about the terrible care our military veterans have received.

Thank God for the efforts President Trump put into this area that did show some promising improvements and results. Amen!

But there is still a long way, a very long way, to go.

Our vets, their spouses and their families are hurting. They are suffering. And when they try to navigate the myriad mazes that consist in our government, they get lost and give up. Or they fall through the cracks and start over again. And again. And again.

But, all hope is not lost. There is a team of volunteers out there that take this very, very seriously. Our guest today has formed a grass roots mission, “National Promises Made But Not Kept by the VA.”

Jane Babcock has been a volunteer for over 12 years, serving the veterans in her state of Wisconsin, but also helping others nationwide! Praise God.

Through her volunteer training and guidance, with one-on-one virtual calls, live and podcast interviews, in person group and virtual classes, Jane has been on the forefront of helping veterans navigate the mazes of bureaucracy, especially inside the VA. Amen!

Her mission is to educate every veteran, their families, and their widow(or)s on the benefits which the VA seems happy to keep secret.

Help me welcome to the program, Jane Babcock!

Jane it is a blessing to have you come on this program and share what you do for our Veterans and their families. I do appreciate your time!

First question which I always start with, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Jane Babcock?”

Your research says there were 32 million veterans in 1976, but today, there are less than 20 million. Can you share with us the importance of these numbers and how they do not really tell the whole story?

Explain what the Nehmer Court Ruling is and how that is supposed to be helping veterans and their surviving spouses…

As a veteran, I’ve known people who suffered from and also have received some benefits from being exposed to “Agent Orange” in Vietnam. But is this still a benefit that vets are eligible for today?

You published a LinkedIn article that discusses just a few of the cases in which you intervened. One of the stories was about a Marine with over 25 years of service and fully qualified for retirement, but they were going to put him on Retired Reserve due to surgeries prior to his retirement date. Can you briefly explain that situation for us and how you intervened and what the result was?

You are also able to help those Marines that were stationed at or working at Camp Lejuune, North Carolina from the 1950’s to 1980’s. Explain what that is all about and how people that worked there during that time could be impacted?

Folks, as a veteran and just as an American, I’m shocked to see how bureaucracy has treated and continues to treat our heroes. It is a tragedy. It really is.

But folks like Jane Babcock are there to help.

If you want to get in touch with your local VA benefits educator, look them up. Find a contact number. Email Jane and tell here where you are located and she can probably refer you to someone or maybe email you the info you need to get started. Amen!


Jane Babcock on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/janebabcock/

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