One Place to Worship – TS Wright

One Place to Worship

TS Wright

Scott Wright is back with us today. Scott has been teaching us about the different ages of the Church and significant things the Bible and history has to say about them. Amen.

But since the war in Israel started back on October 7th 2023, Scott has come on every week or so just to get us “caught up” (so to speak) on the situation, both in the natural and in the Spirit. He shares about what is happening in the Israel-Hamas war as well as other insights into things we see happening around the world.

With that,  help me welcome back to the program, Scott Wright!

Scott, today you wanted to talk about the importance of “One Place to Worship.” What is the significance of that term?

Does this apply to Israel today?

Are there signs God provides, kind of like “warnings” that people are not heeding to this call?

Just go over again why this is so important as to us and the End Times we see happening right now?

Scott, as usual, this has been so interesting. How can someone reach out to you with questions or if they wanted to get more information – or maybe invite you to do an interview such as this?

I’ll put this information in the links down below.

Folks. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to realize we are living, right now, in the last of the last days. The days that have been prophesied as the “End Times” are here, right now.

Drop down into the show notes and reach out to Scott Wright. Get in touch with him. Subscribe to his podcast.  And be sure to purchase his journal and start learning all about the “God Centered Concepts” that he specializes in. Amen!

Do it right now before you forget about it later. Amen!





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