Overcoming Adversity by Faith – Dorothy Graham O’Dell pt 1

Overcoming Adversity by Faith

Dorothy Graham O’Dell – Part One

I don’t know about you, but many people have grown up knowing what being bullied is all about. Knowing what it is like to live with low self-esteem. Knowing how to put on a front in order to survive in school, in social settings, etc. I know. I’ve experienced it. My mother died when I was 18 months old. My dad was in and out of prison my entire life. I was basically raised by my grandparents, out in the country. Overweight my entire childhood. My social life was almost nothing. But I survived. And so has our guest today.

Dorothy Graham O’Dell grew up being bullied all through school. She even survived being in an abusive relationship. She has battled low self-esteem her entire life. While going to school, her parents had major health issues, so she had to endure taking care of her parents, which resulted in even more social isolation. But, despite all of that, her Faith, strength and determination has brought her through to victory! Glory to God.

She is the author of “The Overcomer: Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage.”

The first question I always ask is this. Can you tell us in your own words, who is Dorothy Graham O’Dell?

You say you were bullied all through school, mainly because of your weight. I can relate to that right off the bat. How did that affect you in school?

When we are, and I’m including myself in this, when we are socially isolated and basically ostracized, when we finally find someone who pays attention to us, it is easy to get sucked into an abusive relationship. Physically and or emotionally. I know I had some issues in a few emotionally abusive relationships. How was that for you?

Your parents were sick and you were taking care of them. Did this result in even more social isolation and ridicule?

You married a few years ago. How hard was it to adapt to being married when you both are more mature and kind of “set in your ways,” if I could phrase it that way?

Folks, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of you ordering Dorothy Graham-O’Dell’s book, “The Overcomer.” This is one book that you will probably want to order two or more copies and share them as gifts. I know you know someone who will also be blessed by the information Dorothy has shared. Just go down into the show notes and click the link right there. Order you copy today, while you are thinking about.


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