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Pastor’s Move Over – Glen Newman pt 2

Pastor’s Move Over – Glen Newman

If you have been around the Christian circles for awhile, you have, undoubtedly, heard about Ephesians [4:11]-16, which outlines the 5 fold ministry gifts given to men by God.  But, is it possible – that you can be in the ministry without being a “pastor?” Can you lead a church, if you are not a “pastor?” Is it possible for a person, perhaps YOU, to lead a church?

My guest today is going to answer these questions for us – and more!

Glen Newman, author of “Pastors Move Over: Make Room for the Rest of Us,” challenges the modern traditional form of church government, which recognizes the single pastor as the primary leader of the local Christian church. Why is this significant? He says it’s because this is completely unbiblical and “we’ve been doing things wrong in the church for over 1,700 years.”

Glen Newman has been a Christian believer since 1974 while he was serving in the US Navy. Upon his discharge Glen attended Seattle Bible College in the late 70’s, later he served as youth pastor in Graham, Tx and again in Georgetown,TX. Glen with his late wife Juanita founded Covenant Life Fellowship and Heartland Bible Institute in Granbury, TX.  (I love Granbury…it is a wonderful little town – in my opinion).

After many years of prayer and reflection Glen has received a revelation for the 5 fold ministry and the elder led church to find it’s place and operate within the modern local church body. His desire is that all believers find their gifts and callings and step from out of the shadows of the professionally trained minister.

He is the author of two books, “Pastors Move Over” and “Your New Life In Jesus Christ.”

Help me welcome to the program, Glen Newman! Glen, it took a little bit of schedule juggling, but we finally got it together, brother!  Welcome to the program!

Glen, the first question I always ask is this.  Tell us, other than that short bio I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Glen Newman.”

Alright, let’s jump right into the topic of discussion here…

Ephesians [4:11]-16.  What is right and what is wrong, in your opinion, with how the modern church is using this scripture?

I agree, the Bible has no mention of “Senior Pastor.” How did that position evolve in today’s churches?

I’ve noticed the typical structure of a modern church is “Senior Pastor, then several other “pastors” that are over various aspects of the church, etc.  Doesn’t the pastor need that kind of help?

You talk about 100% participation. That would be an awesome thing to have. But I’ve never seen it in any church I’ve been in over the past 30 plus years. How can that ideal be achieved?

Shouldn’t a person be “called” to lead the local church?

Tell us about “tithing…”

Tell us about your books…

And they are available on Amazon, correct?

I’ll put links to them in the show notes.

Glen, if someone wanted to ask you a question or maybe even do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

I want to thank you again for taking the time to come on the program today. This is a topic I have to agree with you on. I do believe there needs to be more of the “common folk” leading the churches. We need to get away from this “mega-church, Senior pastor” nonsense.



Pastor’s Move Over – Book on Amazon

Your New Life in Jesus Christ – Book on Amazon



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