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Prophetic Events Happening Now – Tom Donnan pt 1

Major Prophetic Events Happening Now  Tom Donnan pt 1

Every time Tom Donnan comes on the program, we never know where the conversation will end up. We talk about things that indicate we are heading towards the time the Bible says is “The End of Days.”

Today, with the Corona Virus scare going on and with earthquakes in Utah and locusts in Russia and the threat of economic turmoil in the world, naturally, I wanted to get Tom Donnan’s point of view on these things.

We always have a great conversation and, I have to warn you, we never know how the Holy Spirit will guide the conversation. We have an outline, we intend to follow, but it rarely goes as planned. Amen!

Help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan. Tom, thanks for coming back on the show today!

Now, Tom, I want to let everyone know that we do not do these interviews to instill a sense of fear into people. We are not of fear, but of sound minds and we have our Faith in Jesus Christ. We do not bow to the spirit of fear, but of Faith.

But, at the same time, we need to discuss things that are happening in the natural in order to, hopefully, capture the attention of those who are not born again and show them, “these are the things the Bible says will happen as the approaching day of the return of Jesus is about to occur.” Correct?

Events have Escalated

  1. Past years interviews, an attempt to bring people into an intimate relationship with the Trinity.
  • The need for Salvation
  • See signpost of the end of days that are all around us
  • To not procrastinate in relating to God
  1. Building your life upon the solid foundation (Jesus) before the flood waters come.
  2. Examining what Jesus said in Matthew 24:4-14

  • Tribulations: Health, Finances, Food, Shelter
  1. Coronavirus Covid-19 1 out 5 will need hospitalization
  2. DJIA Steep Decline wiping out finances and comfort
  3. Buying food and supplies to weather out the crisis
  4. Loss of jobs threaten paying the mortgage.

Tom, since we talked about six weeks ago, some of the things we discussed back then, predicting it would get worse back then – have gotten worse. The first one, other than the virus, which we will get to, is the locust plague. Have you seen how bad that is getting?

 Last time we talked about the Locusts in Africa, now they have reached Russia. Eating the equivalent of food to feed 34,000 people a day.

Then, let’s move to the  major elephant in the room, and that is the Corona Virus. I want to let everyone know, this is NOT the plague that will kill 1/3 of humanity. Although, as a sign of what to come, I want to point out that 1/3 of humanity is currently on lock down!

Coincidence? I don’t believe so. I believe, as we have said, this is a “type and shadow” of things to come…

Along with that is the economic collapse we see happening – worldwide.

Saudi Arabia started an oil war with Russia, lowering the cost of oil…

The USA is not really affected as we are now possessing, according to the research I’ve seen, actually MORE oil than Saudi Arabia (because of our ability to use fracking). But this has affected the income of Iran, Russian and the Gulf oil producing states.

So, we see the oil market and the oil producers already taking a huge hit…

Then, businesses are shut down and the economic collapse of nations are happening all at the same time…

Some predict we may be seeing the next Great Depression unless governments act quickly to provide economic stimulus packages for their nations.  At the time of this recording, it appears the USA is about to sign that stimulus package into law, but it has not formally been approved by both houses of Congress or signed into law by the President. But it appears it will soon be done.

Without that stimulus, businesses all over the country are closing.

The major problem is going to be those businesses that were struggling to stay open when times were good. Many of them have already closed up shop for good. Have you seen that?

Business Close Down in Seattle

Another problem is people not having the income to pay their rent or house payments. Some people say, “Oh, just let them miss a payment or two until things change…”

But there are really a few more problems with that…

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, how can they do that?

Tom, we are all out of time, AGAIN.  I would like to talk about your books, but we don’t have the time. I’ll put links to all of your books in the show notes along with some links to the things we have talked about today.

Folks, you really need to order some (or all) of Tom’s books. They are really, really good and will give you the information you need, “For Such a Time As This.”  Use the links below to reach out to Tom, order his books or get in touch with someone who can pray with you and answer any questions you  may have about Jesus, etc.



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