Sunflowers Beneath the Snow – Teri Brown pt 1

Sunflowers Beneath the Snow

 Teri Brown pt 1

We all love a good fiction story every now and then. We love one that has just enough truth included to make it plausible, but yet keep us entertained and wondering, “What happens next.”

When I can interview an author who has also included some elements of Faith in the story, too… Well, I can’t resist. Amen!

Teri Brown is a self-described “Air Force Brat” now living in North Carolina. In 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, she and her husband, Bruce, decided to take a bike ride through the countryside one day.

When I say “countryside,” they rode their tandem bicycle from the Oregon Pacific coastline and ended at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, DC, over 3100 miles! Praise God!

Teri is the author of “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” a historical fiction that is set in the Ukraine. Little did she know that the inspiration for the writing and publishing of her book was part of God’s plan to have it published right now, in light of what we see happening in the Ukraine. Amen!

“Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” covers three generations of women struggling to survive after the betrayal of one Ukrainian rebel. The rebel was the husband and father and three women, the wife / mother, daughter and eventually the granddaughter. I don’t want to give away the plot as that will be part of our discussion today…

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Teri Brown?

This book is actually your fourth or fifth book that you have written, but the first one to published, correct?

Your background, you’re a 14 year survivor from an abusive relationship. Is this what led you to writing? Sort of a “healing type of journaling?”

How did you get started in writing fiction and what led you to write about the Ukraine for this book?

Tell us about the plot for your book, “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow…”

How did you come up with the characters, the family, for your book? Were they based off of people you know?

How did you do all of the research on the language, the customs, the food, etc. in preparation for writing this book?

Did you ever have writers block and what do you do counter it?

Folks, I cannot emphasize enough how historically accurate and how timely the release of this book, “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” is and how timely the release of this book is, for the day and time in which we live today.

I want to encourage you to drop down into the show notes and click the links right there to get in touch with and follow Terri Brown’s work and also to order her book, “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow”.





Book: “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” – on Amazon

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