Taking the Long View – Dr. Roger Parrott pt 2

Taking the Long View

Dr. Roger Parrott pt 2

Each of us has a calling by God. Each of us has our own path we need to follow, designed by God. Each of us needs to understand that unique calling and strive to serve the Lord as best we can and to impact as many people with the Gospel as we can – no matter the calling.

To help folks in fulfilling their calling, we often pursue higher education in the process.

Our guest today is Dr. Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, one of the fastest growing and most innovative colleges, serving over 5,000 students. Dr. Parrott was named among the 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021 by the Education Magazine. As one of the longest serving college presidents in America, Dr. Parrott is a fountain of knowledge for Christian parents and business leaders alike.

He is also the author of a couple of books, the latest release is titled, “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.”

In your book, you discuss how, over the last 30 years or so, the expectation of business leaders has been short term profitability instead of the long term growth. You reference things like the dot-com bubble and the Mc-mansions that fueled the housing crisis.

This type of short term success driven policies has even influenced ministries and churches, correct?

I would venture to say that God had the “long term view” in mind when it came to spreading the Gospel around the world in the lead up for the return of the Lord.

How can we, as ministry leaders, turn this ship around and refocus our teams on the long term rather than short term gains? Especially when the short term gains are usually the easiest to measure?

In the opening to your book, “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders,”  you describe an idea for a new reality show. I loved the example. Would you care to share this idea with our listeners? Perhaps some Hollywood producer is listening…

Well, Dr. Parrott, this is all so interesting. Your book, “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders,” how can someone obtain a copy of this book? Is it on Amazon?

How can someone get in touch with you?

I will put links to this down below in the show notes.

Folks, this has been a great and insightful interview. We definitely need to shift our focus, especially our Christian outreach focus, from short term gains, though they are important – but we need to keep our main focus on the future. The long term gains. A smaller short term gain will allow us to lay that solid foundation for huge long term gains. No matter the area of concern we are looking at.

I highly recommend Dr. Roger Parrott’s book, “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders” to you. You can go down into the show notes and order your copy today. Do it right now, while you are thinking about it. In fact, this would make a great gift for your pastor or a Christian who is operating a business. Praise God. Order two or three of Dr. Parrott’s book, “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders,” and sow them into their life. Amen!



Contact Website:  https://belhaven.edu

Book Website:  https://longview2020.com

Book:  “The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders” – on Amazon

Book:  “Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results” – on Amazon

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