The Awesome Power of the Blessing – Richard Brunton pt 1

The Awesome Power of the Blessing

Richard Brunton pt 1

Richard Brunton was a pioneer of the market research industry in New Zealand. He co-founded Colmar Brunton in 1981 and built the business into the country’s best known and most trusted research company.

He started a “Better Business, Better World” campaign, which was a personal crusade of sorts, teaching others how to create profit by creating purpose, or making money by making meaning. He believes (with the research to back it up) that organizations that are driven by the big ideal of making their customers’ lives better, will create more shareholder value in the long run, than those who focus on other aims.

His articles, speeches and unique perspectives have been published in various magazines and newspapers all over the world. Richard was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2005, and became a life member of the Marketing Research Society of New Zealand in 2010.

Since retiring as the Executive Chairman of Colmor Brunton in 2014, he has devoted his time to ministry work and writing. He has written a couple of books, one of which is titled, “The Awesome Power of the Blessing” which we will be discussing today.

First question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Richard Brunton?”

You start your book with how inspiring the message of “The Blessing” was received. So, the first question is, why did you put your thoughts and teachings on the Blessing into the book, “The Awesome Power of the Blessing”

Tell us about what you discovered in the “power of the tongue” as you outline in your book…

In your book, you describe how we are called to be a blessing.  We are called to be God’s “blesser’s” on this this earth. You recommend we do not just ask someone if we can pray for them. You ask, “Can I bless you?”  Explain that for us. I found that one phrase quite moving.

In your book, you share that the words we use, especially in speaking to others, should be God’s Words. His words should be our words. But we can only know His Words if we are familiar with His Word – the Bible, correct?

Explain how all of this relates to our Spiritual Authority in and through Christ Jesus…

And this can be applied to physical objects like chairs and desks as you pray for workers who are facing certain things as well, correct?  Can you share a couple of examples like that?

So, we are to bless others by declaring God’s Will, which is His Word, over a person and their life. We do this simply declaring God’s intentions over this other person?

In the Bible, Jacob deceived Isaac to receive the Blessings. His brother was distraught because the blessing was supposed to be his. In this day and time, it is rare that a father will bless his children. Share the importance of this as you outlined in your book and how we can break the curse of NOT being blessed from off our life and family…

Folks, you definitely need to add “The Awesome Power of the Blessing” to your reading list! Use the link down below in the show notes to order your copy today!





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