The Heart Healer – Cyndy Bartelli

The Heart Healer

Cyndy Bartelli

Sometimes, even though we are born again and forgiven of our past mistakes and sins, memories continue to haunt us. It seems like every time we get a blessing or breakthrough, the devil brings up that, “Yeah, but what about….?”

I know I can’t be the only one that experiences that. How about you?

It may seem like your alone. Unique. It only happens to you.  But that is not the case.

These challenges are often rooted in our past, trying to rob you of your Faith today. Trying to keep you from accomplishing all that God has planned for you.  One of my favorite verses in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord. Plans to proper you, not harm you. Plans to give to you a hope and a future.”  Amen!

When we get that type of revelation into our hearts, that is when we can start living and prospering and blessing others like the Lord intends us to do! Amen!  But we need to get to that place of healing in our hearts. Amen!

Our guest today helps you to do just that!  Cyndy Bartelli is a speaker and coach and holds “Relationship Reality Workshops” across the United States to help you bring “healing to your heart.”

She is also the author of a great book titled, “The Heart Healer: God’s Response to Personal Prayer in a Hurting World,”which has helped to bring a new level of hope in many readers lives. She has also published a supporting study guide to go along with the book. Amen!

Help me welcome to the program, all the way from the Great State of Texas (my 2nd home) – Cyndy Bartelli!  Cyndy, it is such a blessing to finally get you on the program!  Praise God!

The first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Cyndy Bartelli?”

Given your background as a human resource director, you focused on team training. How did you transition from team training to helping individuals achieve their dreams and goals?

You published “The Heart Healer” in 2017. What inspired you to write this book and get it published at that time? What was the inspiration and purpose you were trying to achieve?

In gathering the information to write this book, what aspect of realizing the number of wounded hearts that were out there, needing this information, shocked you the most?

What kind of feedback or testimonies have you received on how this book has been a blessing to others?

You also created other programs that go along with the book. The study guide titled, “The Heart Healer Study Guide,”as well as coaching programs, video courses – you also have this translated into Spanish. Can you share with us the impact these things have had to those who participate?

Tell us about your non-profit, “Vertical Hearts.”  What do you do through the non-profit?

You are also a speaker. I know the pandemic put a crunch on that. But because of COVID, you made the transition to speaking virtually. If someone wanted to have you speak to their group or organization, etc. – are both of those options still open? Personally and virtually?

What are your plans for the future? What has God called you do in regards to your ministry outreach in this area?

How can someone obtain a copy of your book, “The Heart Healer” and the “Heart Healer Study Guide?” Are they available on Amazon?

Cyndy, this has been so interesting. If someone wanted to ask a question or receive more information, maybe do an interview like this – or wanted to send along an offering of support for your organization – how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes below.

Folks, look at what God can do with someone who is obedient and willing to let the Lord open doors for them. Cyndy Bartelli was working in Human Resources – and now she leads a non-profit that is impacting the WORLD!  Amen!

I urge you to drop down into the show notes, reach out to Cyndy. Click the links in the show notes and get in touch. Sign up for information via her newsletter. Be sure to order her book – “The Heart Healer: God’s Response to Personal Prayer in a Hurting World,” and her study guide – “The Heart Healer Study Guide,” while you are there! Amen!

Pray about sowing a financial seed into her non-profit, “Vertical Hearts” and help her to “Get the Word Out!” and be a blessing to even more people that need this kind of “Heart Healing.” Amen!





Book:  “The Heart Healer” – on Amazon

Study Guide: “The Heart Healer Study Guide” – on Amazon

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