The Mighty Oaks Program – Jeremy Stalnecker pt 2

The Mighty Oaks Program

 Jeremy Stalnecker pt 2

As many of you know, from some of the conversations I’ve had on this program, my first love was the United States Army. The love of country; the desire to serve and to protect; the brotherhood and comradery you shared.

The missions. The dangers. The highs and lows. The struggles. Everyone was going through it together. Everyone was enduring the same thing. Everyone hated it and still loved it at the same time.

For those that served, you know what I’m talking about. For those that did not serve, it is hard for me or anyone else to put into words.

Our guest today is a veteran and part of a group that you just need to know about. It is the “Mighty Oaks Foundation” and our guest today is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Jeremy Stalnecker. Jeremy was a Marine Corps Infantry Officer with the First Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division as a platoon commander in various positions.

In January 2003, his unit was deployed to become part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As the war began, his unit was the first to breach the berm separating Kuwait and Iraq and they were able to secure the first military objective of the war.

Continuing, they road marched forward and ended up in Baghdad and were able to seize control of the Presidential Palace in northern Baghdad on the Tigris River.

Throughout this mission, Jeremy and his unit provided navigation and security for the battalion.

One month after returning from war, he became the assistant pastor at his church and gained ministry experience that would equip to doing what he is doing now, serving the Lord and furthering his ministerial responsibilities.

In 2008, Jeremy took on the role of senior pastor of the Bay Area Baptist Church in Freemont, California. After serving there for seven years, he accepted a full time position with the Mighty Oaks Foundation where he is able to use both, his military background and his ministry experience to help many hurting veterans, service members, their families as well as first responders and their families.

The “Mighty Oaks Foundation” is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings and speaking events…

You have programs for both men and women. Do you have a program for husband and wife to attend together?

Survivors guilt is a very serious emotional problem for many of our veterans. How does “Mighty Oaks” help people to answer that question of “Why them and not me?”

How do you help hurting veterans to share their stories? Just the fact of being able to talk with someone can often begin the path for healing?

Does your organization offer speakers for Veterans events, churches, conferences and things like that?

Is there any cost for a veteran, family member, first responder, etc. for your programs?

You also host a podcast, “March or Die,” correct?  Tell us about your program?

Jeremy, this has been a great interview. I know someone out there listening to us today either needs to get in touch with you or knows someone that needs your services.

How can someone get in touch with you, the “Mighty Oaks Foundation,” and apply for your services or have someone come out and speak at an event, etc.?

How can someone listen to your podcast?

Folks, I have spoken at veterans conferences and I have met many people in what I do that served this nation. Many of the suffer from some form of PTSD, have Traumatic Brain Injuries, have developed severe illnesses, etc. And the services offered by “The Mighty Oaks Foundation” are there to help these folks.

Perhaps you know of someone that can use their services.

Perhaps you can help them reach someone that can use their services. How?

By making a donation to support their work. Every donation matters. Every dollar allows them to continue reaching others that need their help.

I urge you to go down into the show notes, right now, and get in touch with “The Mighty Oaks Foundation” and ask how you can help.

Use the links below to get in touch with them and Jeremy Stalnecker today. Amen!

Jeremy, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us today. I do appreciate your time and all the work you are doing to help our veterans and first responders and their families.





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