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The New Normal is Hell on Earth – Tom Donnan pt 2

BE WARNED!  The content you will hear on this episode will challenge you intellectually and Spiritually! The things discussed in this episode will make you aware of situations all around this world that destroy’s the secular narrative! You will be made aware of a Spiritual Warfare taking place all around you (but denied by those who do not want you to know the Truth)!

Will You Be Tracked by ‘Big Brother’ App? – House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing

This app is very much like the app in China. Ultimately you will not be able to move about unless the app says you can. It is out of bounds with level of virus numbers to date. Scary takes your rights away. If someone passes you with covid and the app alerts them, you are now in the system. Like when you are issued a subpoena, you are trapped in it until it is cleared.



He lays it out for the people of Illinois, total overreach of government power.

Violent July 4th Weekend Sees At Least 20 People Shot, 5 Homicides

20 shot 5 dead as gun violence increases in Philadelphia

Dozens shot, 17 killed including 2 children during violent Fourth of July weekend in Chicago

87 shot 17 dead


Why is there a nationwide coin shortage?

People using credit and debit cards because of Covid plus

Mint slowed down to protect employees caused shortage


HOUSING MARKET—How Protests & Defunding Police Affect Home Values [Cities, Communities, MIGRATION]

Major Cities where protests are taking place, listing for home sales up by 30%

People leaving these city’s because they are not family friendly.

Property taxes affected, shortage happening

Rentals vacancy increase


Billion Dollar Seattle Business Leaving for Austin, TX (Here’s Why)

Seattle Real Estate Podcast

Business leaving Seattle because the city is in chaos, we did a segment on a video called Seattle is dying, well it is a lot further along now.

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