The Prophetic Almanac for 2022 – Bill Jenkins pt 2

The Prophetic Almanac for 2022

Pastor Bill Jenkins pt 1

Well, 2021 has been a wild year for sure. Between the Delta variant and the push for mandatory vaccinations coupled, with the reopening of businesses and people trying to return to normal, add in inflation and businesses not able to hire enough people, not to dismiss political instability and the increase in crime across America… folks, there can be absolutely no doubt we are living in what the Bible calls, “The End Times.”

But, for believers, this is not a time of doom and gloom!  Far from it. We are told by Jesus in Luke 21 verse 28, “When these things begin to take place, look up, for your redemption is drawing near!”  Amen!

With all that is happening, wouldn’t it be nice to have a peek at what is going to happen in the next year or so?  It takes someone with a special gift from God to be able to do that without sounding like a soothsayer or a nut job, right! It take someone anointed by God with this gift to lay things out in a logical format.  And that is what my guest will do today!

Pastor Bill Jenkins of the Destinyland Christian Center in Rancho Cucuamonga, California. Every year, he releases a new book titled, “The Prophetic Almanac.”

If you have ever heard of the “The Farmer’s Almanac,” well the Prophetic Almanac is the Spiritual equivalent that will release a spiritual vision for your personal life and it gives a prophetic forecast for our nation. Amen!

He has written numerous books and is quickly becoming known as a modern day Apostle of God with a prophetic voice. He and his wife, Britain, work extremely hard to release the message of HOPE into our world (and very needful, for such a time as this, I might add).

He also is a broadcaster on “Evangelism Radio” and has been for several years. His program runs Monday through Friday from 10-1030am Eastern Time.

Every year, about this time, I ask Pastor Bill to come back on and share with us his insights from the Word of God as he talks about the new issue of “The Prophetic Almanac” as it relates to the coming year. And that is what we will be talking about today as we leave a very hectic and chaotic 2021 behind and are moving forward into 2022.

Today is part two of an amazing interview as we look forward into 2022!

Let’s talk about the year 2022.  What does the number 2022 and the number 22 stand for?

What is the Lord showing you to watch out for and prepare for this year?

Here’s a big one, for me anyway.  What does it mean to born on the 22nd day of the month?

What are some key scriptures for 2022?

Let’s get into specifics. You give specific dates, places and people to watch in 2002, correct? Can you go over a few of those for us?

Let’s cover the big elephant in the room, COVID. What are you seeing concerning this virus that continues to be dominating the news, in 2022?

Pastor, as usual, this has been an awesome time. How can someone get a copy of your book, “The Prophetic Almanac for 2002?”  Is it available on Amazon?

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question or maybe do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, you need to get a copy of this book, “The Prophetic Almanac” for 2022. There is so much happening prophetically in this nation, and around the world, right now. You need to be aware of what is happening all around you. Do not be taken by surprise. Go to the links down below, order your copies today.

Also, I want to remind you again, that for the last several years or so, Pastor Bill has a daily program, Monday – Saturday at 10am ET on Evangelism Radio at and you can listen to his excellent teachings right there as well.


Book: “The Prophetic Almanac 2022” – on Amazon

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