The Secret Weapon of the Smartest Marketers – Marco Torres pt 1

The Secret Weapon of the Smartest Marketers

Marco Torres pt 1

Whether you are in ministry or retail; counseling or coaching; online sales or traditional retail – you are marketing. You are marketing your church, your ministry, your store, your products, your books. You are marketing your brand. You are marketing yourself in the process.

How well you handle this responsibility will determine your success.

I’ve seen pastors of churches, some that have been around for decades, still struggle to have 25 people in attendance on Sunday mornings. I’ve seen others set up in a coffee shop on Sunday morning and two years later are building a church building and paying cash for it.  WHY?

The same thing can be said for someone working for themselves. In business, online or traditional. They may work for years, barely getting by. Someone else comes in and within a few months or so, they are the big player in town or in the niche online or whatever.  WHY?

Well, it all revolves around marketing.

And to help us with understanding some of the nuances, is my guest today, Marco Torres.

Marco Torres is the Founder of, he has helped thousands of business owners worldwide boost sales and scale their businesses by as much as 5-fold through the use of incentive-based marketing. He teaches entrepreneurs how to soar sales & marketing through the use of “Value-Add-Incentives” instead of discounts. His Facebook Group is home to more than 27,000 active business owners who are raking in sales with his advice and amazingly affordable subscription program.

I believe these concepts we will discuss today will apply, of course to businesses, coaching, etc., but it can also be applied to your ministry and church growth with just a few little tweaks.

Help me welcome to the program, Marco Torres!  Marco – thank you for coming on the program today to share all about “Marketing Boost” and all that you do. I appreciate you taking the time to join us today.

First question that I always start with is this… other than that brief introduction I just gave, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Marco Torres?”

I know that most businesses are trying to compete with each other and the way they usually do that is to try and undercut their competitors’ prices and things like that. But you have a better way called “Incentive Based Marketing.”

What is incentive base marketing and how does that compare to what most business owners, etc. are doing to generate revenue?

How does “Marketing Boost” help businesses to use Value Added Incentives to keep their bottom line up instead of discounting and losing profits on their sales?

So “Value Added Incentives” isn’t like upgrading the tires on the car (if in auto sales). It’s something totally outside of the product sales effort but yet, something the client would deem valuable?

How do you do that?

Complimentary Hotel Stays, how does this work?

Are these well know hotels chains or little mom and pop operations?

Let’s say someone listening to us is interested in trying this. Do they have to purchase, like a three night stay in Hawaii and then give that away to a client?

So you not only have the hotel vouchers, but meal vouchers and things like that as well?

Folks, there are so many areas that have come to my mind as we’ve been talking with Marco today. I can picture this helping many of you out there that have network marketing groups and coaching or consulting programs and things like that. Churches, ministries and non-profits can use them fund raising efforts and reward donors at different levels.

I encourage you to go down into the show notes and reach out to Marco. Just try his technique and see if it works for your clients and your niche. What’s the worst case scenario? If it doesn’t generate more traffic for your business or church, you stop!

But, if it does it work (and I’m using it, so I know it will work in most situations), you have the additional revenue your church, ministry or business needs to survive or to grow in this current economic cycle




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