The Seventh Age of the Church – TS Wright pt 1

The Seventh Age of the Church

TS Wright pt 1

The Book of the Revelation, for some, bring ominous warnings and invokes fear. For believers, the opposite is true (at least for true believers…).

The hope that the soon return of Jesus is about to happen!  We can see signs from the Book of the Revelation all around us today. We are living what the Bible depicts as the “end of days.” We are living it!  Right now!

As I said, for believers – we should be getting excited!  We also need to get busy! We need to be witnessing like never before! We need to sound the alarm as never before! We need to be warning everyone that the “end is near!”

Now, I would not go as far as to hold up a sign that says that on a city street corner (unless that is what he Lord has told you to do) – but we should be sharing the Gospel and relating it to end time events in an effort to show the world that the Bible is true and we are about to witness something spectacular!

Well, Scott Wright is back with us today. Scott has been teaching us about the different ages of the Church and significant things the Bible and history has to say about them.

If you missed any of the preceding episodes where we covered the Church Ages One through Six, go back to the archives and find them. You will be amazed at the information Scott Wright has been sharing with us thus far. Amen!

Scott is helping us to understand each of the different ages of the Church and why they are so significant – especially as we look at the modern day church age with all the societal problems we are facing today.

Today, we are going to be looking at the Seventh Age of the Church, as depicted in Revelation Chapter Three.

To do this, help me welcome back to the program, Scott Wright!  Scott, it’s so good to have you back on the program today, I appreciate it!

OK… give us a recap of what we’ve talked about thus far and how it all leads up to our subject matter today…mainly, our relations to the Church of Laodicea…

What brings the Sixth Age of the Church to an end and what starts the Seventh Age of the Church?

Technological advances in transportation and communication and mass communication is the significant event that is in the Seventh Age of the Church?

So the coronation of Queen Victoria (and her marrying Prince Albert) is a turning point of the church?

Human rights become important and even results to war (the Civil War; WWI, WWII) that are all about human rights.

What was the cause of the power shift from monarchy to a representative government across the world?

The start of the Seventh Age of the Church really started with the shift from an agrarian society to the Industrial Age and living in urban environments?

Let’s be clear, Jesus is not returning during this Seventh Age of the Church – but immediately AFTER?

Folks, there is no doubt that we are living in what Jesus and historical Christian scholars have called, “The End Times.” We are working our way through each of the Church Ages in order to give you a more thorough understanding of how all this fits into what we are witnessing, right  now, all around us.

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