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The Space Between – Sue Bowles pt 1

The Space Between – Sue Bowles pt 1

We all have stories that, if known, could fill volumes. Some are stories of tragedy. Some are stories of triumph. Most are stories that nobody knows. We tend to keep them a secret. Sometimes, even family doesn’t know the true story.

Some people think they are “too far gone” for even God to care about anymore. I hear it all the time, “You don’t know what I’ve done.” Or things like that.

Do you ever wonder if your life matters?

My guest today is here to tell you her story. She is here to tell you that, YES, your life does matter. She is here to share with you her journey. Her story. She is here to let you know that God DOES care! Amen!

Sue Bowles shares her pursuit of healing from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas resulting in an eating disorder, constantly struggling to answer the question “Why?”  She is the author of the book, “This Much I Know… The Space Between.”  And I’m going to let her explain that unique statement, “A Space Between,” because it’s an awesome explanation! Praise God.

Her website is and she has a lot of good resources on that website that can help you with eating disorders and other things. Her blogs are personal and go deep into a discussion of addictions and Spiritual matters relating to the effects of addictions.

Help me welcome to the program, Sue Bowles. Sue, thank you for coming on the program today!

The first question I always ask is this, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Sue Bowles?”

Now, you said you were raped at the age of seven? Was this by a classmate, relative or what?

And why didn’t you say anything until age 22?

When did the eating disorder start, at about what age?

And you were in denial your whole life until 2016?

Did any of your friends know what was going on or did you hide this from everybody?

Your family suffered from addictions, alcohol, etc. Correct?

How did this affect your personal relationships with family and others?

What made you decide to get help? To get counseling?

Explain how “The Space Between” helps you to understand your feelings and emotions and dealing with what happened to you.

And that term, “A Step Ahead” – explain that and how you are able to use that in what you do

Go down into the show notes below and order a copy of her book. It may be somebody you work with, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a family member. But some of the things Sue has shared today has probably brought someone you know to the forefront of your mind.  Get the book, and after you have read it, SHARE IT. Better yet, order two copies. One for you and one for them! Amen!

You never know who you will be able to bless. You never know who you may be able to help. Sue’s story is one that needs to be heard and shared.




Speaker website:

Text:  NextStep to: 31996

Facebook; Instagram; Twitter:  “My Step Ahead”

BOOK:  “This Much I Know – The Space Between” on Amazon

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