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The Theology of Work – Leah Archibald pt 1

The Theology of Work – Leah Archibald pt 1

Leah Archibald helps busy Christians connect the Bible to the work they do every day. She believes you can develop a deeper relationship with God and a more meaningful experience of work. At the Theology of Work Project she puts timeless truths online for 2 million Christians across the world. Leah’s devotionals include topics such as Anxiety About Money, How to Make the Right Decision, and When to Speak Up at Work. She is the co-host of Making It Work, a podcast that helps working Christians connect with God around their biggest work challenges.

Help me welcome to the program, Leah Archibald! Leah, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to join us today!

The first question I always ask our guests is this. Other than that intro, tell us in your words, “Who is Leah Archibald?”

Now, prior to joining the “Theology of Work” program, or TOW, you were in the online publishing industry, correct?

Can you explain a little bit about what the “Theology of Work Project” is all about? Who do you serve in this project?

When I was looking around your website,, there is a LOT of information on that website!  Who writes all of that material?

And your material is available in several different languages, correct?

Let’s say someone is just graduating from high school and contemplating what they should study in college. I mean, this is an expensive and time consuming thing they will be undertaking. They do not want to waste time or money on something that sounds good now but they will not enjoy 5 or 10 years from now. How can you help someone like that find their calling in life?

I know many times, someone will just jump into a career because of the money. Money provides security in this society. But then, they find themselves, basically, a slave to the job. They are afraid to try and leave. That creates anxiety and stress. Sometimes it may even create marital problems, because of the stress. How can someone deal with that type of situation?

I’ve shared on this program before how we are called to SERVE GOD. That is our highest calling. But, in order to live in this world, there are certain things we need. The days of barter trading, for the most part, do not exist. You don’t grow corn and take it to town and trade it at the General Story for school cloths for the kids, for example.

So it takes currency, money, to live in this world today. Every person is given the same 24 hours each and every day. When you take a job, it is because someone – the employer – needs help in a certain area. It could be sorting mail, filing folders or loading trucks, whatever. When you take a job, you are basically saying, “I will give you 8 hours each and every day. In exchange, I need you to give me “X amount of dollars” so I can then take that currency and trade it in the market place to take care of my needs.”

But, if you take a look at the story of Elijah. It is all about the Lord’s provision at a place called “there.” Each person has a place at a particular time in life where the Lord has placed their provision “there.” You cannot stay where the provision has changed. You cannot go to where the provision has not yet been provided. So we need to seek the Lord and ask Him where we need to be. That is where our “there” is!

Folks, I know you have a job. You may be unemployed right now, but your job is looking for employment. So you “have” a job!  Your job may not be the career path you want right now. It may not be what you believe your calling in life is. But there is a place that has the resources to help you navigate that difficult path. “Theology of Work” project provides you the resources to figure it all out. Leah Archibald and her partners at the “Theology of Work” website are there to help, to provide encouragement and to provide Biblical guidance for you. I encourage you to go to their website and look around. Ask questions. Download the resources! And partner with this great work of God. It is needful in this day and time in which we live. Amen!  And don’t forget to listen to and subscribe to the podcast, “Making it Work!” Praise God!




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