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Three Dreams of Jesus – John Meacham pt 2

Three Dreams of Jesus’ Second Coming John Meacham pt 2

If you missed any of our prior interviews, you can go to John’s website, and find the links to those episodes. We have discussed being “Born Again” in the first interview. We talked about “God Speaks” in the second interview. John told us about “The Dazzling Light” in interview number three. Then, last time, in interview number four, we talked about “Jesus Sings at Amity Church.” Now, today he will be sharing about “Three Dreams of Jesus’ Second Coming.” Praise God! That’s what I’m all about! Amen!

Tell us about what the Lord showed as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus…

John, if someone wanted to get more information on everything you are talking about today, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, you’ve heard it. We’ve been talking about this topic for over a year now, having John Meacham to continue to come back on the program with the express purpose of talking about the “soon return of Jesus.” Now, John is getting confirmations from the most unusual sources about God specifically directing people to search his name on Google and confirm the messages He is giving to them from what John is sharing.

We also have the Lord appearing to many, MANY Muslims and they instantly become believers! Even though they know they will face extreme persecution, they refuse to believe the lies of Islam anymore. They have met the Lord “face to face” and they now know the Truth (that will and has, set them free)! There is no doubt, we are living in the final moments of the final hours of the final days before Jesus returns for his Bride, the true Church of believers.

Are you ready? Are you sure?

If not, you need make sure. Go to John’s website and take a look around. Listen to some of the interviews. Read the articles. Time is truly, running out.

Get in touch with John for a free copy of his book (limited quantities available). Email John and tell him you heard his interview on this podcast!




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