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Timing of Life – Leroy Mealancon, Jr

Timing of Life – Leroy Mealancon Jr.

Leroy Mealoncan, Jr. is a former college football lineman who played at California Polytech University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. He also has an MBA from Capella University and is working on his doctorate as well.

He is a teacher at the Life Source Charter School and is also the author of a great book that I believe you will find extremely relevant to what we just mentioned, titled “Timing of Life: Achieve All Your Blessings and Goals.”

First question that I always ask, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Leroy Mealancon, Jr?

Let’s start off with a question about your football career. What made you decide to go into MBA studies and teaching? Was this something you were looking at doing and football helped you to achieve it?

Tell us about this book…

Explain what you mean by helping us to face our demons and to come out unscathed…

Give some background on why you wrote this book. Was this a sort of “self-help” guide for you?

Give some tidbits of what is inside the book. What are the sections about?

How could someone take this book and apply it to their own situations? 

Will you be offering any type of coaching program or anything like that in association with your book?

And this book is not released yet, correct? When will it be released? (February 2021)

Is it available for prerelease sale, like on Kindle or anything like that?

Will it be available on Amazon?

Are there any other books you are writing that are in the planning stages right now?

Folks, this day and time is so unique that we are living in today. With COVID shut downs and restructuring, it is not unusual, you are not alone, despite your thoughts otherwise. Thousands of others are facing the same thoughts and demons.

Get Leroy Mealoncon’s book, “Timing of Life: Achieve All Your Blessings and Goals.” It could be the one inspirational book that will help you to get refocused and come out the other side of whatever it is you are facing – a winner! Amen!


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