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Weather Disasters-Space and the End Times – Tom Donnan pt 2

Weather Disasters, Space and the End Times – Tom Donnan pt 2

Tom Donnan had an encounter with God when he died in an ambulance after a “widow maker” heart attack. He had an encounter with God & then he was back! He has been fulfilling that calling ever since. In this series of interviews, we discuss many events happening right now that are possible indications of “The End Times.”

In part one, we discussed a lot of the weather related phenomenon that has been occurring in the United States and around the world.

Today, we shift gears a little bit and begin to talk about “signs in the sky.”

It seems like every time we can’t get together, Tom and I cannot have a conversation without talking about signs in the sky.

Did you see the report of the huge fireball down in Australia? Some reports say it was brighter than two or three full moons at one time. That’s almost daylight!  I’m surprised there was not a shock wave like there was in Russia a year or so ago.

They estimate it was anywhere from the size of a walnut to maybe one meter across. Either way, that was a massive meteor.

We have talked before about these objects impacting the earth. Usually hundreds per day. But because most of the are microscopic to just small pebbles, and they also occur in the daytime, we never see them or worry about them. The “shooting stars” we see at night are usually like grains of sand. But every now and then, you get a good size chunk of rock that comes down.

We haven’t talked about NASA’s attempts to track those larger objects lately. But they even admit that they cannot track all of them. There was one a few months back that flew between the earth and the moon and they didn’t even see it until it passed us!  And it was a large enough rock, if it would have entered the atmosphere, it would have caused major damage.

Speaking of storms and also space – did you see the report about the Giant Red Spot on the planet Jupiter? It is beginning to fall apart!  It has been observed for several hundred years. And now it appears to be falling apart?  What do scientists have to say about that?

You know, the US is planning on returning to the moon soon and ultimately going to Mars. But we are not alone in this quest. From what I understand, India is trying to go the south pole of the moon because scientists have detected possible ice – “water based ice” – in the craters of the moon at the south pole. They say this could be a possible water source for astronauts in the future, if we build a colony on the moon. How weird would that be? To drink a glass of moon water?

Speaking of colonizing the moon – we know Space X is a commercially viable program that is assisting NASA in resupply missions to the Space Station. But did you hear they are almost ready to offer commercial flights to the Space Station? How cool would that be?

Would you go? I’d go, but I bet it’s expensive.  Will you buy me a ticket for Christmas?

As we get ready to close, tell us how your book is doing? “One Door Between Us?”

Tom, we always have a lot to talk about every time you come on!  If someone wanted to reach out to you, ask a question, or maybe do an interview such as this. How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, we are all out of time for today. I want to encourage you to go to the link for Tom’s book, “One Door Between Us” in the show notes and get a copy of this book. It is a fascinating read and will bless you immensely. Get in touch with Tom Donnan. Invite him to come out and speak to your church group or event. His wisdom on these subjects is beyond compare, amen!

For Tom Donnan and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




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