You Didn’t See This Coming – Tom Donnan pt 3

You Didn’t See This Coming!

Tom Donnan pt 3

With what seems like breaking news every single night, with all of it shouting “woe woe woe” and then trying to blame it all on the Christian right, is it any wonder that the “woe woe woe” is an apt metaphor that the Bible says will be declared by the angel in the Book of the Revelation as everything is wrapping up?  Praise God! That’s what I say about all of this…

But, to help us put the nightly news in perspective, is our good friend, Tom Donnan. Every time Tom comes back on the program, he brings insightful, meaningful and relevant information that we see on the evening news, and puts it into a Biblical perspective.

(Tom and I are discussing energy shortages and the rising costs consumers are facing – all indicative of hyper-inflation in the making…)

 Things are in short supply, nations scrambling to get them. Is there an Energy Crisis in the making?

China, India running short of Coal to power Electric Company’s

Natural Gas in large supply. Will it affect heating homes this winter?

Due to lack of Energy in China, factories are being shut down, contributing to shortages of all kinds of products

Getting tires for cars, six to nine months back ordered

Tractor parts and tires are eighteen months wait time for parts.

In the time we have left – I want you to discuss a dream you recently had about what is about to happen in the United States – and for that matter – across the world.  And it had to do with a “Spiritual Power Transfer.” Can you tell us about that?

You kept seeing the number 17. Why does that mean “complete victory?”

Are we beginning to see this “power transfer” occurring in the natural, like here in America?

Republican Pastor flips seat in Iowa long held by Dem

Republican pastor flips a seat long held by Democrats – YouTube

Dr. Jeffrey Jahre of St. Luke’s University Hospital is interview by Carlson Tucker about Natural Immunity.

Hospital allows employees with natural immunity to defer COVID vaccine – YouTube

Speaking of upsetting liberal socialists. Did you see that President Trump is now starting his own social media company and app?  I’ve already pre-ordered mine on the Apple Store!

Donald Trump announces launch of media company, social media app – YouTube

Finally, you wanted to tell us about a rise in the presence of God in a couple of churches in particular?

Tom, all of this was interesting – as usual. Again, it goes to the day and time in which we live and which the Bible has told us life would be like just before the Return of Jesus.

Would you pray for someone who, listening today, the Holy Spirit has tugged at their heart, opened their spiritual eyes of understanding and they now have a desire to receive Jesus as their Savior? Would you pray for them?

Tom, how can someone get in touch with you if they wanted to ask a question or maybe do an interview like this with you?

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