Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 5

Scripture For Today:

Psalm 69:13

“But I pray to you, Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation.”

Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 5

We’ve been studying the topic of whether you are a “Liar, Hypocrite or a Believer.” This is a very serious topic that a lot of Christian feel uncomfortable talking about. Yesterday, we learned that we can use the Name of Jesus to bind the devil that is trying to hinder us in our prayer life. Unlike Daniel, we do not have to pray for 21 days straight to get our answer to prayers.

Remember, I don’t  have time in this type of format to read all of the following scripture verses for you. You can write them down and go look them up yourselves. In the time we have together, I’ll just highlight what the Word is saying. Amen!

In Ezekiel 18, verses 11-12, we see an evil spirit had convinced this king that he was a god….which is why Ezekiel called him a “prince” which was a derogatory term meaning he was subject to the evil spirit which was empowering him.

In Ezekiel 8:2, it says, “the Glory of the Lord” – in the book of Romans it says the Glory of the Lord raised Jesus from the dead!  We don’t have time today to track this phrase through the whole Bible…but it would be a good study for you to do so…you will learn a whole lot….amen…but this is good…this is what keeps  you strong in the Lord when you listen to broadcasts like this or tapes and cd’s which discuss things like this…amen!

Acts 2:1-3 talks about the day of Pentecost…Flames like fire…Malachi talks about the Glory of the Lord from the loins down and the loins up…the GLORY of the Lord is like being covered in flames!  Not these cute little Sunday school pictures of little “click your bic” lighter flames floating around and then sitting on top of the disciples heads and creating a little halo…NO.

When the Glory of the Lord came into that room….it fully enveloped each person there with what looked like FLAMES OF FIRE!  Amen!  The Bible describes it as “sitting” on each person…what was happening…as the flames surrounded each person and then ENTERED each person…it appeared to “sit” on them as it went into the bosom of each person there!

John the Baptist said that when the Messiah would come…he would be baptizing with the Holy Ghost and FIRE!  Amen!  The Holy Ghost HIMSELF showed up that day in the upper room…and INTRODUCED HIMSELF to the disciples! Jesus said he was going to SEND the comforter to them….this was Him showing up and saying “howdy do!”  amen!

Now you know why Jesus told them to go to Jerusalem and WAIT for the Holy Ghost…He was going to make a Physical Manifestation of Himself as a form of introduction to the disciples…and those that obeyed and waited got to see something the most of us never get to see….but when we do (and some have seen manifestations of the Holy Ghost at work…I don’t have time left to get into that…)…but He Showed UP that day!  Amen!

You are a BELIEVER and not a DOUBTER…you have the Holy Ghost living INSIDE of you right now…Jesus said when you got born again…HE and the Father would make their abode in you….so that means you have the Trinity INSIDE OF YOU now!  Amen!

So take your Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and USE IT…USE the weapons which God has given you…BIND the devil with the Word of God and then thrust him through with the Sword!  Hit him with some scriptures pertaining to your situation…amen!  Let him have it!  Amen!  Then, get in agreement with your wife or your husband or another believer…and take communion over it!

SEAL THE DEAL with a Prayer and the Word of God and you can have what you say!

Let’s Pray!

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