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Prayer 2021 – February 26 – Praying Supernaturally

Scripture of the Day:  

Psalm 65:2

“You who answers prayer, to you all people will come.”

Praying Supernaturally

Praying in tongues is a way to pray Supernaturally to the Father. As we discussed earlier, the Holy Spirit can help you with your praying.

I cannot explain how important this aspect of prayer has been to me, personally. There is no way for me to put in words (at least in English words) the value of praying in tongues. What I’ve been sharing these last several days is just the tip of the iceberg. Amen!

There have been times when I would pray for my family, some member of my family, in tongues. I did not know of anything going on (at least not at that time). But the Holy Spirit had quickened my spirit and inspired me to pray.

Sometimes, I will pray in English and say something like, “Father, I don’t know what’s going on with “so and so” right now, but you do. I lift them to you in prayer and I thank you in advance for interceding in this situation….” Then I will shift over into praying in other tongues.

“Well, brother Bob, how long do you pray in other tongues for something your don’t know what your praying about?”

I’m so glad you asked me that question! Praise God!

It depends!  I may pray one minute, 20 minutes or an hour…

How do I know when to quit… I can sense it!

You see, when you pray like that, there is an urgency. A sense of supernatural urgency is the only way I can describe it.

Police officers and combat military folks will understand what I’m talking about. I’ll try to explain it as best  I can here…

As a police officer, or as a military service member, when a situation arises that quickly moves into that “life or death” scenario, where every single second counts in the outcome. What you do this second will determine success or failure…it is THAT KIND of urgency I’m talking about.

As I pray in the Spirit, I can sense that supernatural urgency. It makes me focus strictly on the situation being shared by the Holy Spirit. Many times, I have no clue. But I sense the urgency.

Just like in the natural, in the military or as a police officer, once the initial threat is over, you are not finished yet. There is still securing the scene, and all that other stuff that has to take place. But it is more of a routine operation at that point.

Praying like this in the Spirit is the same thing. The URGENCY remains until suddenly, it is gone. You still need to pray – but now, you can sense that whatever the situation was, it is going back to a sense of normalcy. That is the best way I can describe it.

So, when I’m prompted to pray in the Spirit like that, for a family member, or anyone else the Lord puts on my mind, I continue praying FERVENTLY  in the Spirit until I sense a BREAKTHROUGH has occurred. Then – and only then – do I let up.

That is supernatural!

When you get to where God can trust you to pray through like that, He will start to use in other areas outside of your family. He knows you will pray fervently FOR your family. But when He can trust you to pray with that same fervent spirit of others – look out!  That is where the true power of the Holy Spirit will begin to be on supernatural display in your life!

I want to pray for you to start entering that type of relationship with God. Where He can just inspire you to drop everything and enter into a fervent prayer session in divers tongues and praying until breakthrough comes. Be it 5 minutes, 10 minutes or one hour or more. Where God can trust you to just stick with it until breakthrough happens.

Let’s Pray!

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