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Prayer 2021 – May 1 – God is Limited by Our Prayers pt 2

Scripture For Today:

 1 Samuel 1:26

“…and she said to him, “Pardon me, my lord. As surely as you live, I am the woman who stood here beside you, praying to the Lord.”

God is Limited By Our Prayers pt 2

Yesterday, we learned that Adam was given complete dominion over all of creation. He had dominion even over the angels. That included Lucifer. Now we see why Satan was so keen at getting the dominion over everything GIVEN to him. Just as he told Jesus in Luke 4:5-7, “And the devil, taking him up into a high mountain, showing him all the kingdoms of the world at one moment of time. And said unto him, “ALL of this Power (or authority) I will give to you, and the glory of them: For THAT (power and authority) is delivered to me (or has been given to me) and to whomsoever I will, I can give it also. IF you will therefore worship me – all shall be yours.”

The devil told Jesus that he would give Jesus the authority to reign over the kingdoms of this world. Who is currently reigning over the kingdoms of this world? Satan is! He legally had that authority because Adam turned it over to him when Adam sinned.

You hear people say, wrongly, all of the time, “God is ruling the world right now…”

It takes all I can to bite my tongue and not reach out and grab them by the collar and yell in their face, “If God is reigning over the kingdoms of this world right now, including here in the United States, He sure is messing things up!”

No, God is not reigning over the kingdoms of this world right now. Satan is! Satan is THE GOD OF THIS WORLD!  That is why Satan could say to Jesus, “ALL of this power and authority I will give to you – for THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME – and to whoever I want to give it to, I can…” that’s Pastor Bob’s paraphrase. Amen!

But notice the phrase, “…For that is delivered to me…”  Who delivered the dominion and authority to rule over the kingdoms of the earth to Satan? Adam did.

Did you notice here, that Jesus did not argue this point with Satan? Jesus did not dispute it when Satan said he had all the power and authority over the kingdoms of the earth. That’s because Jesus knew Adam had legally turned over his original dominion to Satan. That is how Satan become the god of this world.

Also, if Satan truly did not have the power and authority and dominion over all the kingdoms of the world, then this would not have been a temptation for Jesus. Am I right? If God the Father truly had dominion, power and legal authority over the kingdoms of the world, Jesus would’ve called his bluff. He would said, “Oh, really…” But Jesus did not do that. Satan did possess all of the power and authority over all the kingdoms of the world. That is why it WAS a temptation of Jesus. Jesus could have avoided all the suffering IF he would have worshipped Satan. But, that means Jesus would have worshipped someone or something other than God the Father…and that would’ve been a sin – and that would negate the perfect sacrifice that Jesus was commissioned to offer. Amen!

I believe any sane person can see, in the natural, let alone in the spirit, that there are evil forces involved with the governments of this world right now. Even the government of the United States of America. Satan in in control. That is why there are so many ungodly people in charge, from the office of the President on down. That is why there are so many immoral laws being forced on believers. That is why sin runs amuck while righteousness is oppressed at every turn.

And that is where we will continue our discussion tomorrow about “God is Limited by Our Prayers.” Amen!

I want to pray with you right now that YOU will not be influenced by what you hear, see or feel concerning “who is in charge in this world.” Satan is. But, praise be to God, we are what? We are NOT of this world! Praise God!

Let’s pray!

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