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Prayer 2021 – May 3 – God is Limited by Our Prayers pt 4

Scripture For Today:

Psalm 32:6

“Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of mighty waters will not reach them.”

God is Limited By Our Prayers pt 4

Sometimes, somebody will ask me a question, something to the effect of, “Why is God allowing all of this evil in the world?” or “Why can’t God do something about Satan being the god of this world?”

But the point I’ve been trying to make these last few days is that God can’t just destroy Satan as the god of this world because ADAM made a legal transaction with Satan when he disobeyed God. At that point, Adam forfeited his dominion and authority as God’s agent in this world. Satan was now it!

That is why God just can’t unilaterally make a sweeping pronouncement and do away with the devil and cure all of the world’s ills. He is NOT the god of this world. Satan is! He is the legal god of this world through Adam’s default.

And, if God could just sovereignly cure all of the world’s ills, then God could have intervened back in the Garden of Eden and stopped Adam from disobeying Him. But, ADAM HAD A CHOICE. Adam had his own free will. Adam CHOOSE to sell out his authority on earth to Satan by his willful disobedience to God.

God could not stop his act or his free will. That’s why God could not just move in and destroy Satan’s authority on earth once Adam committed that authority into Satan’s hands. God could not do that because, when Adam sold out to Satan, that was a legal transaction entered into by two willing parties. And God does not do anything illegally. Ever.

God could not move in and unilaterally take everything back because that would have allowed Satan to point an accusing finger in the Face of God and say, “You are an unrighteous God. An unjust God. Adam LEGALLY gave me this world and dominion in it!” And he would have been right!

So you cannot hold God responsible for the suffering and death going on all around us. You cannot hold God responsible for the wars, the riots, the crime, the murders. You cannot hold God accountable for any of it. Because it is all a matter of CHOICE.

Adam made a choice and sold out.

Those committing heinous crimes today are doing so because of a choice they are making.

As we covered yesterday, those who elect unrighteous people to public office are making their choice of who they are going to follow.

So if there is any blame to be pointed out, you need to look in the mirror. All of us. Brother Bob, too. We have all sinned and come short, FAR SHORT, of the Glory of God.

But, God has provided a way for us to come back to Him and under His authority. He did that through Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. His death as a sacrifice paid the price and all we have to do is accept that it has been paid in full.

We’ll talk more about this tomorrow. I want you to see how God choose ONE MAN, Abram, and told him, “I will be your God if you will follow me…” Abram had to live in a fallen world, totally dependent on his God to deliver him and provide for him.

That one act, allowed God to bless him. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We will cover this more tomorrow.

Let’s pray!

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