Prayer 2021 – October 12 – Prayer of Agreement, Binding and Loosing pt 3

Scripture For Today:

 Acts 13:!3

“So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.”

Prayer of Agreement, Binding and Loosing pt 3

We have been learning about the power in the Prayer of Agreement, especially where it concerns “binding evil spirits and loosing angelic spirits” to work in our lives. Amen!

Yesterday, we left off with the subject of when believers come together – powerful things begin to happen! You can just look at the Book of Acts and read about what happens when believers unite in prayer! Amen!  The Book of Acts is the record of how the FIRST CHURCHES operated in this earth. I believe that every church should be doing and accomplishing the same things as the churches in the Book of Acts. If your church is not functioning on that level of Power and Authority, then you should be looking for another church. It’s as simple as that. Amen!

I know that makes a lot of pastors mad. But, once again, I refer to the old saying that if you throw the rock of the Word into a group of pastors, the one that yelps is the one that got hit. Amen!

OK, OK…Let’s move on…

Think about this example.   You want to buy a house, for example.  You find the perfect house.  You decide you want to buy the house.  You talk to the owner and say, I will give you “X” amount of money on “this date” to buy this house.  The owner says, “yes, that sounds good.  We accept.”  He signs the contract….you sign the contract….what is that contract called….”an Agreement”  correct?

Ok, so, now, after signing the agreement…the owners of the house say, “ok, so we will see you on “such and such a date and you will have the money for us, correct?”  And you respond with “I sure do hope so, brother…but you never know what God will do.”   What do you think the owners of the home will do with that contract – that agreement?  They will tear that thing up and throw it in the trash!  You were never committed to fulfilling buying the house or fulfilling that contract!  The first thing that comes adverse to you fulfilling your part of that contract – you would have been in the wind!

We see the same thing happening with Christians all of the time.  “Are you coming to the meeting tonight, brother?”  “I’m going to try…or I sure do hope so…”  You’re not going.  I will not even be looking for you….you’re not committed.

If you want me to pray for your healing…I stand on the Word of God, lay hands on you, enact the law of binding and loosing, praise God for your healing…and you say, “I sure do hope it works, this time…”   You did not get it…. You might be dead before you get home, with Faith like that.  “Brother Bob, that seem kind of harsh.”  Folks, time is short.  We don’t have time to waste like that…either get healed and get back in the battle – or die and go to Heaven and get out our way.  It’s that simple!

“Brother Bob, you should not say things like that!”  HEY – if you are born again – Heaven with a Glorified Body is a whole lot better than being on earth with a corrupt body…and if you – in your infinite stupidity – cannot fathom in your mind how God can ever heal you….stop being a witness for the devil – just DIE and go to Heaven…stop wasting my time…stop wasting your pastor’s time…stop wasting God’s time…we have more important things to do – like getting people healed, delivered and set free who actually believe GOD WILL do things like that…like His Word says He will.  I’m sorry if that offends you…but that is the way things are going to be in these last days….amen!

When you do come into agreement with another believer, based on the Word of God…and the devil does show up and say something like “it didn’t work…you are not getting healed…” or whatever your prayer request was…don’t give him ANY PLACE the Bible says….don’t listen to him…he is a liar!   Just tell him, “It is written…and then quote the scripture!”  Tell him you are enacting the law of binding and loosing…and bind him from talking to you or working against you…then loose your ministering spirit angels to minister in your behalf…according to Hebrews 1;14…tell the devil he must flee because you are resisting him with the Word of God….then, leave it alone…don’t keep talking to him…just quote the Word – amen!

This works especially well in the area of finances.  But, when you take your stand like this in the area of finances…you must also get involved by getting in obedience – and sow into God’s Work.   Romans chapter 4 talks about Abraham did not consider his own body or that of Sarah’s body – but only what God said….He stood on the Word.  Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now Faith is the substance of things that are hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”  One translation says, “Before it is recognized by the natural senses.”  Amen!

That is the way this ministry operates.  You will never hear us beg you for money!  We do provide our listeners, friends and partners the opportunity to sow into the work which God has directed us to do…but you will never hear us put pressure on you or anyone else to give….now, I’m not getting down on ministries that do that sort of thing… that is between them and God…I’m only telling you what the “agreement” (there is that word again) between me and God is all about!  Amen!

I told God, when He called me into full time ministry – that I would do what He tells me to do…go where He tells me to go – say what He tells me to say…but His part in this deal is to provide the resources to do so!  And His way of doing that is to put it on other people’s hearts to give into the work He is doing…this is NOT my ministry…it is HIS ministry…I work for Him…amen!

The same thing works like this with places to go and preach.  I do not beg for places to preach…I asked Him to handle that…invitations come in and then I go…but I am not going to get into the habit of “wondering where I can go and preach so I can raise the money to do this project…”  NO!  I was involved in some ministries before that did do that sort of thing….and that IS NOT how to operate a Godly ministry….amen!

Mark 11:22 says, “Have Faith in God!”   That is what YOU need to rely on totally with whatever prayer request you are presenting before God.  In order to trust totally on Him to answer your prayers, you must first have a relationship with Him…and you get that through His Son – JESUS.

Let’s Pray!

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