Prayer 2021 – October 24 – Tune Into God pt 7

Scripture For Today:

Job 21:15

“Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What would we gain by praying to him?”

Tune Into God pt 7


Boy if that isn’t a scripture that’s applicable to society today. Amen!

We have been talking these past few days about being “tuned into” God. Yesterday, I shared the example of you and your family being surrounded by a gang of thugs and your pray for immediate deliverance and help.  Earlier that day, you prayed for your light bill to be paid. God has not answered either prayer – yet.

You truly believe you need a couple of thousand dollars of income – Immediately – or the lights are being turned off and you will not have any food to feed the family. That is not a NEED – it is an immediate WANT. You may think you NEED it (and you do). But in reality, it is your fault you are in that position, right?  We covered before that you were probably living outside your income, relying on credit cards to be paid with your income – but now that is lost. Right?

Now, let’s say you are out on a walk with your family and group of thugs surrounds you and is threatening to kill all of you.  They pull out their knives and they are getting ready to go to town on your family. You cry out to God…

How would you like it if God answered, while you are about to be attacked, with, “Ok – I’m going to give you what you want. Once you get home, there is a $1000 check waiting for you in the mail box… It took me several weeks to get the right people to finally wake up and send it…but it’s there.”

That’s what you WANTED right? That’s what you begged God for during the past several days. The $1000?  That’s what you’ve been praying for… it was a WANT, right?

OR – would you be praying for God for an IMMEDIATE answer to a very REAL NEED that you have concerning the safety of your family?  Which one would you rather have God answer?

THE NEED for immediate deliverance, right?

You’re crying out to God, “PLEASE GOD, HELP US!”

And about 5 seconds later, a police car just happens to turn the corner.  The thugs see it and start running. Now, the police are in pursuit…and you and your family are safe.

Would that be God answering an IMMEDIATE NEED that was totally out of your control – or your WANT which was based upon past mistakes you’ve made?

Which one would you prefer God to answer?

I think everyone would agree the immediate need would be priority. You still WANT the $1000 and it is needful…but as far as BELIEVING YOU RECEIVE WHEN YOU PRAY – are you seeing the difference as far as how quickly God can answer a NEED and how the WANTS will come… it will come… in due time.

Again, God can answer immediately in all things. I’m not saying He will not answer. I have personally seem Him deliver me in a financial need. I don’t have time to go into here, but – well…ok, let me share this because it will serve as an example. There was a time when we literally were living paycheck to paycheck. And the Veterans Administration was sending me a monthly check while I was taking college classes…and that was about our only income.  And this was a NEED and not a want. I had called the government agency, it was the Veterans Administration, and they said the check was being printed that day and would be put in the outgoing mail later that afternoon. It normally would take another two days for it to arrive. Sometimes three. But I needed it the next day. And it was a NEED. I prayed…

My wife and I went to the store and when we came back, out of habit, I looked in the mailbox and there was the check. It had not even been two hours after I called and was told it was being printed “that afternoon.” But here was the check. And the amazing part – There was not even a postage cancellation stamp in the corner!  Then, about 30 minutes later, the mail truck went by putting our daily mail in the mailbox…

I believe God sent an angel who grabbed that check as soon as it was printed and that angel, under orders from God, flew out and put it my mail box. You can’t talk me into accepting any other explanation. But that was the only income we had at the time and I needed that check to pay the rent without incurring a late fee (that would have eaten up even more of our finances). SO YES – God will answer financial NEEDS immediately as well.

But, let’s talk about some other needs. Have you ever faced an extreme circumstance where you were facing death in the face? I have. My time in the military and a few instances as a police officer, I have faced the prospect of “this could be it.”

How do you react in those situations?

By FAITH.  You see, faith WORKS every single time it is put to the test. Every single time.

If you believe you will fail, guess what – you will.

If you believe you will persevere – you will.  If you believe you receive – you will. Amen!

Let’s Pray!

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