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Prayer 2021 – September 10 – Our Rights Under Prayer pt 6

Scripture For Today:

Jonah 4:2

 “He prayed to the Lord, “Isn’t this what I said, Lord, when I was still at home? That is what I tried to forestall by fleeing to Tarshish. I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.”

Our Rights Under Prayer pt 6

We have been studying about “Our Rights Under Prayer” these last few days. I pray that you are getting a lot out of this study. It is so important to your Spiritual well-being. Not only that, but if you are to fulfill the Great Commission in order to speed the return of Jesus, you will definitely need to know how to pray and get your needs met as the entire world falls apart around us. Amen!

There are different types of prayer covering different situations you may find yourself in…but the common denominator in them all is JESUS.  There are different kinds of prayer that require different requests…basically, different rules regarding how you approach the prayer to God… You don’t just say, “let’s pray.”

Just like in sports…you don’t just go and say “let’s play sports.”  Ok, what are we going to play…baseball, football, soccer, golf, running…what?  There are different rules regarding how to win…the same thing in prayer…what is the need?  What equipment do you need (in other words…is the need physical – we need healing scriptures…is the need financial…we need to sow a seed….is the need for a job…we need to sow a seed by helping someone else…is the need for a lost loved one…we need to conduct intercessional prayer in their behalf…)…  so we just don’t say, “let’s pray.”

We must know what we are going to pray about and what rules we are going to pray by…that is the purpose of this series on prayer…by the time we finish – you will KNOW HOW TO PRAY and WHAT TO PRAY and WHAT THE RULES ARE!!!

Just like attending spring training in baseball or training camp in football…everyone there “knows” how to play their game – or they would not be there…but, the coaches ALWAYS start with the basics….Coach Lumardi always started his training camp, in front of the Green Bay Packers who may have just won the championship a few months back…by holding up a football and saying, “This is a football.  The objective on offence is to take it down the field to the end zone… the objective for defense is to stop the other team from doing the same thing.”  That is going back to the basics!

Then, he would ‘build’ upon that foundation…and he became one of the greatest football coaches in history…Your prayers can be the same way…you can become one the greatest prayer warriors in existence…If you start with the basics.

Ok, so, the righteousness in God that you already have gives you the RIGHT to BELIEVE and to RECEIVE the expected results.

John 16:23

In THAT day…what day, well go to John 16:7-9…and John 16:13-14…

In THAT DAY, Jesus said, you will not have to ask me for ANYTHING…but, what you ask God for – in the NAME of JESUS – HE WILL GIVE IT (the thing you are asking for) TO YOU!!!

1 John 4:14-15 states that if “ask anything according to His will” (how do we know if we are asking something according to God’s Will?  We have to know what He said He would give us…)  If I tell someone I will pay their rent for them…then they can “expect” me to do so.  But, if someone just says, “I’m believing Brother Bob will show up at my house today and pay my rent…”  and I never told them I would or told someone else that I was going to do that…that is NOT believing…it is “wishing.”  You cannot go to God and say, “Oh, God, I believe I receive my million dollars…in the name of Jesus.”  Did God tell you He was going to give you a million dollars?  Where did he tell you that…?  Now, if you need a million dollars…He did say He would supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus….but, if you are that far in debt…is it because of something God told you to do or something you did on your own?  He may just let you hang there awhile, just so you know He is not pleased…you know what I mean?

But, if you are needing your rent paid, and you lost your job due to no fault of your own…etc etc…you can expect Him to come through for you…AMEN?

So anyway…the only way you can KNOW what the WILL of God is…is by going to His Word.  I said it before and I will keep on saying it…if you can find ONE example in the Bible where God met someone’s need and it is like yours…you can stand on that Word, take it back before Him in prayer and accept it as yours…and He will come through for you…that is HOW you find out HIS WILL…find it in HIS WORD.

Faith comes by Hearing…not with the flappers on the side of your head…but with you heart… your inner ears…that is what Jesus was talking about when He would say, “he that has ears to hear, let him hear.”   He was not talking about physically “hearing” he was talking about those who could “spiritually hear and understand” what He was saying…

Faith comes by hearing and HEARING COMES by the Word of God…that means you have to study the Word to HEAR the Word and to HEAR the WILL of GOD for your situation.  When you do that, you KNOW what God’s will IS!

And when you know what God’s will is…THEN…you can go to 1 John 5:14-15 and remind God during your prayer time… “If I ask anything according to your WILL, I know you hear me…and if I know you hear me…then I know I HAVE the petition (the prayer) I have desired of thee (or asked you for)!!!  AMEN…YOU HAVE HIS PROMISE!

Mark 11:22-24 says to us to have Faith in God…have Faith in His Word…have Faith in His promises to us…that whatsoever we ask Him in prayer, believing…He would give us and it shall come to pass….if we ask him BELIEVING…

Hebrews 11:1 says, “NOW…FAITH IS…the substance of the THINGS we have hoped for (or prayed for according to God’s will) and our FAITH IS the evidence (the proof, the guarantee) that we HAVE these things – even if we cannot see them yet.  And the devil WILL try to get you to waiver off of the promises of God…he will whisper in your ear “you don’t really believe that do you?  Where is the answer?  Do you see it here?  No…so you don’t really believe that do you?  Don’t listen to him!  Start quoting the scriptures back to him that you have been standing on and remind him you are not moved by what you can see, touch, taste, feel or hear…you are ONLY moved by God’s Word and His Word says YOU HAVE IT…AMEN.

Let’s Pray!

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