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The Sower Sows to Reap a Harvest pt 3

What it means to increase in your business, ministry or work.

Last time, I should you how looks can be deceiving. How it looked like failure when you only see 25% response rate to 100% of your efforts.  100% of your finances that you put to work helping other people and only 25% seemed to accept your help.

But, in the example, of 120 people and 120 seeds, with only 30 people showing signs of accepting your help and making changes, those 30 seeds produced!  Didn’t they?

10 produced 30 fold = 300 seeds

10 produced 60 fold = 600 seeds

10 produced 100 fold = 1000 seeds

For a total return of 1900 seeds off the 30 that showed a result.

1900 seeds off the 120 you started with!

Let’s look at the financial aspect. Yes, you are helping people in whatever calling you have. But, we are talking about “The Red Pill – Breaking Free from the Financial Matrix.”

If you remember the introductory videos, the Financial Matrix was designed to keep you in bondage. Slavery. The powers of this world WANT you to serve them. This is why they created debt. This is why they encourage debt. This is why they tell you, “You MUST have a credit card.”

All of the ads on TV, radio and then internet are pushing debt.

When was the last time you seen a car commercial that listed the price of the car right on the ad? Not the small print at the bottom. But the main part of the ad?

Back in the 1960, you would see ads for cars and trucks and it would say something like, “Starting at $5000”  Today, it is “Get this car for only $450 per month.”

They no longer sell the “total cost” – they sell you on PAYMENTS!

It used to be, when a couple would buy a house, they would save, save and save. Then buy a small place they could afford. IF they had a mortgage, that was a bad thing!  Only in extreme cases would people take out a mortgage. Then, they would work, work, work until it was paid of!

That hardly ever happens today. Instead, people are encouraged to take out “lines of credit” against their equity. Upgrade to a more expensive house. People start off in their 20’s with a mortgage and die in their 80’s with a mortgage. They are slaves to the bank their entire life!

Wouldn’t it makes sense, in the example given, to try and help as many people as possible. But go in knowing only 25% will accept your help? You do not know who that 25% is going to be! So, you help as many as you can with the seeds you have.

You never sow all of your seed into one person, business or entity. I know that will get a lot of pastor’s upset with me. They believe ALL of their church members should give ALL of their offerings to the church.

I believe in supporting the church, yes. But each person should be taught how to sow for themselves. They should not rely on the church to sow for them.

That is the purpose of this training…to bring these realizations to you. To BREAK the lies and the Financial Matrix you have been taught to accept as reality.

I have only just barely scratched the surface of INTRODUCING this system to you.

Just – barely – scratched – the surface!

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