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The Sower Sows Seed To Reap a Harvest pt 1

The Sower Sows Seed To Reap a Harvest pt 1

The sower has a bag of seed.

The bag of seed represents the total resources he has to generate a harvest and accomplish his goal.

Yet, some seed is dropped on the path – his normal routine of walking around from one place to another.

Some seed is dropped where it is not conducive to receiving a return…the rocky ground.

Some seed is dropped where there are distractions abounding left and right – the thorns.

But some seed is dropped where it is readily received and begins to produce a bountiful harvest.

We have heard this parable many times, right?

Let’s look at it from the perspective of the Financial Matrix and how we can overcome it.


You go about your business. Some people just “take” from you. All of the time. That is like the seed sown on the path of life.

Sometimes, you try to help someone. You sow your time, money and energy into their life. They are appreciative – at first. But then “life” happens to them. And they go back to their old habits. It seems all you did to help them was for nothing…This is like the seed sown on the rocky place.

Then, there are those who come to you for help. And you do your best to help them. But soon, “life” gets in the way of them moving forward. They continue to “try” and move ahead. But there is no fruit there. You can see they are just going through the motions. This is like the seed sown among the thorns of life.

But, then there are those that accept your help. They actually implement what it is you are trying to teach and share with them. They make steps – baby steps at first. But they are making progress. They begin to change. You can see it. They can see it, feel it and understand it as well. Their lives are changed because of the help YOU provided.  This is the seed sown into good ground!

We know scripture says it can produce 30, 60 and even 100 fold. What does that mean?

Come back next time and find out!

My goal is to keep these training brief so you can consume the entire thing in just a few minutes.

Next time, I will give some examples of what it means to continue to help others, not expecting a great return…but then realizing just how much you can reap when only a small percentage of your seed actually goes to work!  You’ll love this example!

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