Christ in Galilee – John Meacham pt 2

Christ in Galilee – John Meacham pt 2

We are continuing our conversation about the “Soon Return of Jesus” today with our good friend, John Meacham. John has been sharing some unique insight as he has been telling us about his visions, his calling and his efforts to prepare the Church (and the world, for that matter) about the timing for Jesus soon return.

If you missed any of the prior interviews, you need to go back and listen to them in the archives. They have a lot of information. So much, we don’t have time to go over it today…because we have MORE information to share with you. Praise God!

Help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, John Meacham. John, thank you for coming back on today!

Today, we are going to be discussing some things from your book, “Is Your Church Heavenly.” I think, specifically, we are going to be talking about your trip to Galilee. Correct? And when was that trip?

What did you want to share with us about that trip?

This is the final interview of your book and the information on your website. Let’s talk about Jesus coming back to Galilee and the preparations you are making.

In Part One: John shares about a special visit he had with another pastor who was impressed with what he has been sharing with us over these last several episodes.

We conclude our interview in Part Two with a discussion of John planning a return trip to Galilee in September 2022. Whether Jesus is “returning” at that time or not does not matter, John knows that is where HE is supposed to be.

This has been an interesting series of interviews with John Meacham. I hope you have gained a lot out of this series. I encourage you to go back and listen to all of them – maybe do a “binge session” (just one interview after another over a few days). I believe you will gain a lot of insight into everything John has been sharing with us.

The most important part I want to leave you with is this: Whether you believe John Meacham has the spirit of John the Apostle on him or not does not really matter. All that matters is your relationship with Jesus the Christ.

John Meacham knows what his calling is. He knows the relationship he has with Jesus. He knows what he is supposed to be doing until Jesus returns. He knows where he is supposed to be in obedience to the Lord’s command on his life.

The question I have for you is this: DO YOU?

You have seen all of the events unfolding on the news. Panic is everywhere…

This is NOTHING as compared to what the “days of tribulation” will be like. As Jesus described, these are only the “birth pangs.” Believe me, if you are not a believer, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Take a moment and ask the Lord to forgive you of your sins. Ask Him to become the Lord and Savior of your life. Ask Him to give you a NEW SPIRIT – one that makes you a “Child of God Himself!” THAT is the only thing that matters in Eternity.

If you received anything from this series of interviews with John Meacham – I pray it was THAT!

For John Meacham and myself, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you to





Get in touch with John for a free copy of his book (limited quantities available). Email John and tell him you heard his interview on this podcast!


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